David Austin Roses: Fragrance & Beauty for your Garden!

David Austin Roses: Fragrance & Beauty for your Garden!

Have you ever leaned over to sniff a rose at the grocery store and found yourself disappointed that you smelled. . . nothing? Unfortunately, that’s the case with most roses. They’ve been created for ease of growing and colorful petals and not much else. Luckily, you do have some choices if you want that gorgeous, […]

Welcome to the NEW Vandula Farms!

Raise your hand if you’re ready for spring! (We sure are.) We’ve been working hard all winter, planning an exciting start to 2018 and it’s almost time! What’s new? Well, after 15 years bringing you the freshest produce, beautiful plants, and halloween fun – we finally embarked on a much needed a facelift! Our makeover […]

Spring Into Vegetable Gardening

Our spring countdown supposedly started mid-February when we got those glorious days of sunshine! But then the heavy snowfall came over the weekend we can’t help but wonder if our beloved Vancouver will have a repeat spring from last year. We certainly hope not! But don’t let that ruin your planting project, though. After all, […]